apple brand


When we talk about the smartphone, an exclusive and outstanding brand must be mentioned, which is Apple’s smartphone iPhone. The competition in the smartphone market is intense and furious, but iPhone is still the most popular and profitable. I think the success of Apple is not only about the extraordinary products, but also the company executes the right marketing strategies, including spreading through traditional media and digital social media.

Social Media Profiles

Apple has established a Facebook official page, YouTube channel and localization marketing channel, where not only advertise its physical products but also passes its creativity on many social media platforms. The new post is named “Share of your gifts” on Apple’s Facebook official page, which passes philosophy more than just its products. In addition, there is a link to the YouTube channel of Apple, where you can see the process of the creation of the animation. There is so many staff focusing on creating this short video and you will be shocked by the details of their production. After seeing this video, I deeply believe in the company and its products. I think this is the reason why Apple can attract numerous crazy fans around the world. Millions of followers can share and comment in the interface so that the ideas and information can be spread globally.

In order to serve the Chinese Market, Apple has established an official account on WeChat which is the largest social media platform in China. The account always posts the fresh information about its products, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and other Apple family members. As customers, you can know about the features of the products, you can look for a product you like, you can also ask for a service. In addition, you can enjoy the video posting on YouTube or Facebook as well.

Mobile Application

Various applications are applied in our daily life. For example, when we need a cab, we will use the Uber app to call a vehicle. If we want to travel abroad, we can book a room on Airbnb app. As we known, Apple iPhone adopting IOS operation system while most of the other brands’ smartphones applying Android operation system, which lead to iPhone owning a unique applications store and other smartphones have to share the applications in Android Market. Many excellent applications have to be identified by Apple then customers can download and use them, even they need to pay for the applications. Because the customers believe the application can pass the test of Apple should be the essence.

Unofficial Blogs

Except for official blogs, there are many high-quality unofficial blogs, such as The Cult of Mac, MacRumors. The Cult of Mac posts all information about Mac and Apple recently. Actually, the blog is very professional and containing many high-quality articles. For example, the newest article about IOS 12.1 is very objective and helpful. Also, there are many categories on the blog so that viewers can access the information they need quickly, which makes the information about Apple as user-friendly as Apple’s products. MacRumors is another influential blog and the website has more specified categories about Apple. You not only get the information on Apple products usage but also can discuss various topics in the forums with other users. The media environment is accessible and convenient for all the customers and potential customers.


Ivanka Trump posted her trip with Tim Cook in Wilder on 27th November 2018. She also mentioned Apple’s public-private partnership which will help education to revolutionize and help the American students to succeed. Another Twitter account CNET announced that when consumers trade their old iPhone for an iPhone XS, XR, Apple will give them an extra 100 dollars. As a celebrity and a third party independent account, their posts will be viewed by seven million followers of them. And the social media influence is uncountable and continuous, the millions of followers probably will affect another million.


There are many YouTubers who are doing some extreme tests on iPhone. For instance, A channel named Timmers EM1, who owns 170 thousand followers on YouTube. He did a freeze test of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X, which attracted more than 11 million times views. The test was quite simple, he just put both smartphones into sparkling water then froze them in the fridge for almost eleven hours. The next day, he got the phones from the ice and both the phones were alive and still working smoothly. Therefore, the durability and waterproof property were proved and reliable.  Another YouTube channel called EverythingApplePro, the youtube has 6.5 million followers and he did another water test, which he put the iPhone X into a deep water about 20 feet deep and maintained 5 minutes. Eventually, the iPhone X was still in good conditions. Probably we think it’s ridiculous, but the results from individuals are more convincing and other people believe the third parties. The YouTubers not only made eye-catching videos but also helped iPhone win the words of mouth.

In Conclusion

Apple always keeps a tight connection with digital media, such as Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Twitter and many other independent blogs. All these media make it easy for the consumers and average people to access the news and data about Apple.  And the diverse channels, different people help Apple market to everywhere and be trustworthy.